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The AFP Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) opens up space for the involvement of the Filipino people in defining, shaping, and ensuring our peace and security as a nation. The IPSP acknowledges that the contribution of each and every government agency, civil society organization, and even local community, is vital in ensuring peace and security.

Kampilan News

A 20-year existence Rido (family feud) case peacefully ended at Headquarters 6IB, 6ID

H603rd Infantry (PERSUADER) Brigade, Brgy Pigcalagan, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao- Today, it was marked a significant historic event conducted at the Municipality of Malabang, Lanao Del Sur. The 603rd Infantry Brigade in coordination with 6IB, 6ID facilitated the settlement of Rido case between Montañer and Balindong Clans permanently ending the 20-years long conflict.

The said event was conducted at Headquarters 6IB, 6ID based at Brgy Matling, Lanao Del Sur participated in by the Local Chief Executives and other stakeholders within the Province of Lanao Del Sur.

The activity was made possible through the efforts of COL JESUS B SARSAGAT GSC (INF) PA, Commander, 603rd Inf Brigade as being integrated in the Brigade Campaign Plan and CMO thrusts of the Unit. Likewise, LTC RUBEN C AQUINO INF (GSC) PA, Commanding Officer, 6IB, 6ID, the focal and responsible person to orchestrate the settlement rido case, take a significant part to the successful end of the clan conflict in his area.

Accordingly, the clan conflict was emanated out of political rivalries and other personal related arguments between the members of both families. Further, clan members agreed upon a peaceful resolution of long-existence clan conflict which further contribute to the peaceful existence of the both family and other populace within the Malabang Municipality.

Nobody wins in a rido, both parties are loser, failure to live in the existence of peace, said by Hon Adiong Jr, Provincial Vice Governor, Lanao Del Sur as he stressed out in his speech.

The result of the traditional clash will not affect the clan members and those who were involved in conflict. The effect will be a long term sufferings of the orphans as their parents who passed away due to nonsense killings, said by COL SARSAGAT.

The 603rd Inf Brigade as a catalyst of peace, will continue its mandate preserving peace and security in the AOR and further succeed in his quest for a genuine peace and development in Central Mindanao as a whole.






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